Content Management

We have enabled enterprises and startups to share content & information with multiple audiences (public internet, intranets, extranets), on desktop & mobile devices, by leveraging our expertise in document management, business process management & open-source technologies.


We analyze the documents and extract metadata to provide structure to the documents and facilitate rapid prototyping and ease & speed in updating information.


Our Content Management Systems provide editing, approval and publishing workflows to ensure that enterprises keep control of their data and messaging.


Our CMSs are created using highly secure technologies with fine grained permissibility frameworks to ensure that only pertinent information is exposed to the appropriate audiences.

Our approach to every content management engagement is to focus on security, reliability and maintainability first. That is why we exclusively work with technology platforms that are proven to deliver at Enterprise scale. We enable communication, collaboration and discovery of relevant content. We work with both structured and unstructured data. We have enabled:

  • Secure Enterprise Web Portals to share business data with multiple audiences
  • Interactive Dashboards for decision support
  • Intranets for business collaboration
  • Business Process Automation Workflows
  • Enterprise Search to retrieve relevant information from multiple repositories

" Servicentrix created our web presence and published our product catalog online with 100% accuracy, in record time ."

Rajeev Gupta, Ravi Brothers