Business Analytics

We work with companies to unlock the answers embedded in their business activities.

   Data Prep

We start by identifying all the internal and external data sources available; and create the right solution to host the data. We then implement the ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) processes to improve agility of analysis.


We identify KPIs, Metrics and streaming data visualization requirements of our clients and implement robust & configurable dashboards, scorecards and analytics.

   Decision Support

We leverage our experience in AI, Machine Learning & Statistical Learning to generate actionable insights and triggers from customer's data.

We work with our clients to identify business processes and key metrics and then; design, build and deploy analytics tools to enhance their business' velocity and agility. We have wide experience in data analytics including:

  • Predictive Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, NLP Tools
  • Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities for decision support
  • Rules Engines, Information Retrieval Tools
  • Web & Social Media Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Risk Analytics, Retail Analytics

" Servicentrix implemented a real-time observable dashboard for us to track our biker network and customer demand."

Sahil Narain, Baxi - The Bike Taxi