How Perceptiviti took a product idea to a cloud based SaaS Application.

Perceptiviti was started with a mission to bring Artificial Intelligence to fight financial fraud. Starting out, they wanted to create a cloud based solution to use machine learning and rules-based detection to identify and grade the potential of fraud in health insurance claims.

Customer Requirements

Servicentrix was tasked with visualizing, designing, creating and deploying a product which would do this and will work from the cloud. At a high level, we needed to develop:

  • Browser Based Responsive GUI
  • Graphical Data Visualizations
  • Rules Based Detection Engine
  • API Gateway for RESTful connections
  • RESTful interface with Perceptiviti's Proprietary AI Engine
  • Highly Secure, Available & Reliable deployment in AWS Cloud

We worked with Perceptiviti to document the requirements for the product, iterated over User Interface and Experience Design extensively. Then we created version 1.0 of the product in less than 3 months and deployed it for User Testing on Amazon Web Services cloud.

Servicentrix understood our business requirements and rapidly delivered a rock-solid product that we could deploy immediately in the field.
Sandeep Khurana, Founder & CEO, Perceptiviti Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Technology Stack

We used HTML5, Bootstrap 3, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery & a few JS based graphics libraries for the front end development. For the back-end, we relied on Python + Django & MySQL. For deployment, we used the following AWS services: Lambda, EC2, ELB, RDS, S3 & API Gateway.


The product served as the version 1.0 of Perceptiviti's offering. Its currently being used with multiple enterprise clients of Perceptiviti which include 2 of the largest private health insurers in India.